Quality Homeopathic Care

Washington Homeopathic Clinic provides care for the emotional and physical lives of children and adults through quality homeopathic and naturopathic care. We specialize in the treatment of chronic inflammatory disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders, acute conditions, and vaccine injuries. We’ve been treating the vaccine injured for over 20 years.

Patients Seeking Treatments for COVID-19

For existing patients – or new patients – the doctors offer telemedicine appointments for those who are exhibiting COVID-19 virus. We also treat those with COVID-19 vaccine injury symptoms. Please call the clinic to schedule an appointment: 425-881-8929.

Pediatric Care

We provide primary and specialty care for children from infancy to young adulthood. Though we primarily treat using homeopathic prescriptions, we also utilize nutritional therapies, supplements, or pharmaceutical medications when necessary. Our pediatric services include well child exams and nutritional consultation.

Adult Care

Our approach to adult care of chronic and acute conditions also centers on homeopathic treatment through careful constitutional assessment and routine follow up. We offer nutritional testing, prevention and wellness counseling, and annual exams as well.

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