Common Conditions Treated

Chronic and Inflammatory Disorders

Inflammation is the primary means by which the body defends itself. Inflammatory conditions arise when the immune-inflammatory response becomes disorganized or over reactive. Homeopathy is effective in normalizing and balancing the immune response, and provides an alternative to taking daily medications for conditions like allergies, body pain, and heartburn.

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

The prevalence of emotional and behavioral disorders has increased considerably in recent years. The use of psychoactive drugs among children is at a record high. Antidepressant and anti-anxiety prescriptions are being increasingly prescribed as long-term therapies, leaving underlying causes unaddressed. Homeopathy is one of the few medicine systems that can be effective in addressing underlying patterns in behavior disorders without blocking or suppressing the body and mind.

Acute Conditions

Viral and bacterial infections often respond quickly to homeopathic treatment. In many cases it can reduce or eliminate the need for antibiotic prescriptions. Particularly during constitutional treatment, we encourage acute illnesses like colds and fevers to be treated homeopathically as well.

Services Offered

In addition to acute and constitutional homeopathic treatment, we also provide child and adult health checkups, sports physicals, and both specialty and standard lab testing.